My Travel diary-Wuzhen food

Before I went to China Wuzhen, I had done great research about local food. However, when I really tasted, I felt it was a far cry.

This steamed pork with rice flavor in lotus leaves was kind of authentic, but it was far from my imagination when tasting. I was a little bit not used to it. However, the two old men were very kind. They asked us to sit in the room to eat slowly. Their decoration was very old, but every photo, every piece of calligraphy and painting represented their history and stories.

This was the hearsay steamed pork with rice flavor in lotus leaves, which had strong lotus leaves smell, so I was a little not accustomed to. And the outermost layer was thin skin of tofu, the inside was a kind of the local brown rice, which was very delicate, almost same with millet, and the innermost was delicious wax meat.

I have had osmanthus cake in Hefang Street, which was very soft, sweet, and tasted good, but it was not Q enough and too sweet. While my friends like it. Friends like eating sweets may love this taste.

Green dumplings were something that I wanted to recommend solemn. It was made of mugwort juice, glutinous rice and sweetened bean paste. So, the noodles had both herby fragrance and glutinous rice chewy. There was wrapped sweet bean paste inside. The sweet bean paste was just perfect, soft and chewy, super delicious. You must have a taste if going there.

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